Aaron Parthemer


Founder & President of PMG Private CFO Services.

From Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Aaron Parthemer is the President at PMG Private CFO Services, where he works with individual clients to serve them as their Private CFO and Tax Strategist, primarily serving professional athletes. Aaron works with a variety of clientele but has built a practice that specializes in advising current and former NFL players.

In his career currently through PMG Private CFO Services, Aaron Parthemer works with his clients to make sure they have the proper financial advisor to guide them and he and his team assist them with their day to day management. Aaron and the entire team at PMG work diligently to create significant value for all of his clients. He works to ensure – first and foremost – that each client takes a proactive planning approach to taxation. Professional athletes compete across the country and are responsible for paying taxes in each city and state they play in. Aaron works to ensure that they pay the least amount possible while making sure everything they do is legal and inside the tax code. Despite the fact that an individual tax return includes as many as 10 state and local returns and occasionally exceeds 2,000 pages upon completion, the client is charged a fraction of what a big firm charges due to the efficient systems that PMG has created.

While tax preparation and filing tax returns are at the core, when it comes to the services they provide at PMG Private CFO Services, Aaron Parthemer likes to think of the business as a “We Do Everything” one-stop-shop for these individuals. He and the entire team work to be as accommodating and personalized as possible while taking as many of the daily tasks off of their client’s shoulders as possible. For each of these clients, Aaron and his team provide due diligence services, bill payment, works with their family, helps with travel needs and much more. He experiences no qualms about serving others and will fill whatever role his clients need to make their lives easier, even if it means taking off his President jacket and putting on an Assistant one, should his clients require it.

Alongside the work he does in finance, Aaron Parthemer is a loving family man whose faith and relationship with God are essential factors in his life. His wife has been a constant point of support and love for him, and she’s helped guide him through some hardships, never leaving his side or wavering in her support. She was even a driving factor in helping Aaron reconnect to God.

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